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Gold Painted Yuzen Coasters

Serve your drink with these colorful coasters to welcome your guests in style. Coasters made of gold-leafed Yuzen kimono fabric. Your party will be elegantly “spiced-up” with these charming coasters.

A set of 6 coasters (R=94 mm / 3.7 in.) in a crafty Washi (Rice) paper gift box. Hand-crafted in Kyoto, Japan.

See care instructions and other information in ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.

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      Additional Information:

      • Traditional skills and techniques made by experienced craftsmen

      Craftsmen with more than 50 years experience painted these by hand; therefore, each one is a uniquely made  item as there’s no two pieces of the fabric that are the same.

      • Water repellent coating

      All of our products are water repellent coated, so that they can be used time after time without losing their original colour. Please take good care to remove any spills before they dry or it may stain.


      Add colours of elegance to your life

      Takenaka Kinsai is a brand name of Kinsai Kobo in Kyoto, which produces tableware and home accessories with skills and techniques used in kimono fabric production.

      We offer products made of gold painted Yuzen fabric which will add a traditional taste to your modern life style easily.

      Exquisite, vibrant, and gorgeous – The beauty of refined tradition will give brilliance to your life.

      Dimensions & Weight:

      Lenght: 11.10in (28.2cm)
      Width: 22.00in (55.9cm)
      Height: 1.80in (4.6cm)
      Weight: 4lbs (1.81kgs)


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