About Us

Who we are

Chicagoland based Artezanato Studio is a craft arts gallery store with a particular focus on contemporary decorative arts and indigenous crafts. We offer unique and contemporary decorative arts, one of a kind folk crafts, and wearable arts. Our selection of works with artful and stylish design adds exquisite taste to your contemporary room décor and lifestyle - at home, office, store, restaurant, and anywhere. We also work with clients who are inquiring traditional Japanese decorative arts and indigenous crafts for their interior design projects and individual collections or exhibits.

What we do

Our expertise is in traditional Japanese craft arts in contemporary style with traditional craftsmanship. All are hand-picked by the owner, and directly imported from craftsmen and artists in Japan. We directly work with artists, artisans, and local guilds to ensure the quality and standards are met. Another area of our expertise is indigenous Brazilian folk crafts. We work with an NPO art gallery in Brazil who supports indigenous group of people and their folk crafts in Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. In Portuguese, artesanato (ar·te·sa·na·to), the origin of our store name, means handicraft, craftwork, and workmanship.

What we care

Our commitment is to establish career paths of artists and artisans who are engaging in traditional craft arts and to preserve traditions of arts and craftsmanship in any histories. We value the authenticity and originality of workmanship. Dynamic and distinctive characteristic of traditional crafts and legacy techniques passed over for centuries is our focus and what we always seek.

Traditional handicrafts, like folk art, always have cultural background, which often comes from political and/or religious histories of the country. Also artisanal crafts often carry messages from the artists. In many cases, those are their inspirations, and their expectations for future owners to enjoy their sense of beauty and intent of the design in their everyday life. Our selection of objects is carefully chosen by closely working with the artists, groups who support them.

We love to hear their stories behind the products and would like to share it with you, and more love to hear what you think of the work you have purchased. Your feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome and greatly appreciated. We hope you find a great gift for your loved ones and yourself. Enjoy exploring our online catalog and let us know what you would think, too!

Our Products

We are particularly interested in traditional decorative arts and objects made from natural and/or indigenous materials that are common in many traditional crafts, and often recycled materials. Most of the pieces you find in our store are fully or partially hand-made. Therefore, the number of stock is very limited, and two of the same list items are actually not identical because they are made by hands, not by mass production robots. Many of the items are directly shipped from the artist or from our partner in the country of origin.

Many product photos are provided by the artist or the maker of the product. We do our best in describing the product features as accurate as possible, but it may not be the exact same as you would expect from our online catalog.

When you are not sure about the product, we strongly encourage you to contact us before you finalize your order. Doing so, it would help both you and us avoid a costly product return process. We want you to be happy about the art you are purchasing from us!

These Terms and Conditions May Change

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